Deli Deals

Prices as low as:

Chicken or Turkey $3.39/lb.
Bologna $1.99/lb.
Cheeses $4.99/lb.

Product subject to availability.



Beef  $5.99/lb.
Flavored Turkey or Chicken  $2.99/lb.
Cajun Beef  $3.99/lb.


Our deli trays are available from our Comstock Park and Greenville locations.
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Meat & Cheese Trays

Choice of 1 roast beef and up to 3 meats.
(Chicken, Ham or Turkey)

Medium (serves 16-20 people): $38.99
Large (serves 24-26 people): $42.99

All Meat Trays

Pick 2 meats (Chicken, Ham or Turkey)
Pick 2 cheeses (Provolone, Swiss, Colby or Colby Jack)

Medium (serves 22-24 people): $34.99
Large (serves 30-35 people): $42.99

All Cheese Trays

Choose up to 4 cheeses for this tray.
(Choose from Provolone, Cheddar, Swiss, Colby and Colby Jack)

One size (serves 30-32 people): $14.99

(Actual tray may vary from photo.)

Cold Cut Sliders

Comes with Hawaiian rolls, ham, turkey, and cheese.

Medium (24 sliders): $22.99
Large (36 sliders): $36.99

Deli Tray Order Form

DISCLAMER: All meats and cheeses subject to availability. ALL ORDERS ARE DUE 24 HRS BEFORE THE PICK UP TIME.

Pick your 3 meat selections, chicken, ham, turkey, or roast beef (may only be chosen once).

Pick 2 meats (chicken, ham, turkey)
Pick 2 cheeses (provolone, Swiss, Colby, or Colby jack)

Choose up to 4 cheese for this tray.
Provolone, cheddar, Swiss, Colby or Colby jack.


All general questions.

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